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Contemporary Art Ruhr

media art fair

Welterbe Zollverrein, coking plant,mixing plant/saltwarehouse , Arendahls Wiese, D-45141 Essen

Opening 3 Juni 20.00 hrs

At our stand in the Salzlager we will present Marieke Bolhuis, Corinne Kruger, Liesje Reyskens and Ton Zwerver.

Special Exhibition Staged Photography, the Netherlands
NL special about the staged photography movement -Fotografia Buffa- in the early eighties as well as photography from artist that stage photography nowadays.

Curated by Angeliek Ververs  I  With photo’s from Oscar Voch, Winfred Evers, Corinne Kruger, Rommert Boonstra, Angeliek Ververs, Marlo Broekmans, Gerald van der Kaap, Laetitia Molenaar, Paul Blanca, Marieke Bolhuis, Ton Zwerver.

  • Corinne Kruger
  • Marieke Bolhuis
  • Liesje Reyskens
  • Ton Zwerver

3-5 Juni 2011

Opening Vrijdag
3 Juni
20.00 uur