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Memoria d'un Paisatge

Memoria D'un Paisatge

No more than earth and sky, the horizon is a body of things that remain together | Maurice Merleau-Pontyes

Vicent Carda

Visiting Lanzarote with my whole family in 2010 was and still is a most gratifying experience that has enabled me to heal and draw the morning of my father’s death to a close. It was there I discovered the true silence of earth. Having these thoughts in mind as well as considering the interpretation of the landscape and the particular way in which earth and sky relate to each other on that island my work intends to go beyond the common enjoyment of the scenery. Nature therefor should be regarded as a pretext to the unfolding of my work and as such there is no point in searching for familiar sites, geographical landmarks or must-sees recommended in tourist guides. Abounding in this creative process marked by seriation and repetition of maybe stain and colour, I try to explore the expression boundaries of the ambiguity hidden in this scenery. It is the ground for loss and morning, for fear and doubt but also for memory; for finding oneself and greeting his ancestors in quietness and stillness. The landscape is the horizon that is always with us, anywhere we go weather we are aware of it or not. | Valencia, May 2012.

Wouter Stelwagen

To find that one specific building Wouter Stelwagen travels around the world with a 4×5 inch camera.. His photographs of large scale projects are often situated at the border of the city, on the edge of culture and nature. The photographs have an orphaned beauty; The buildings are purely functional and are not mend to be good-looking. There might be a planted tree or bush, but there is never any human presence. It is the silence and the composition that counts, stripped from its social context.

Ongoing show during the summerseason, August 2012; open by appointment only

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