Dominik Borkowski | Z.T. | 2013 | oil on canvas | 100x100cm
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Solo, new works

The young Polish painter Dominik Borkowski paints portraits which are usually very minimalist set up in a gray, black and white palette. The individual and biographical characteristics are obliterated. Instead of showing the complexity of the human psyche, the portrait canon is used to show the emptiness. The motifs with childlike imagery and the comic book-like elements are in contrast with the weight of his experience and the pessimism of the message. It reads more like a commentary on contemporary society and a fascination with apparent imperfection. Borkowski reports on the emotional experience of reality and everyday life. -Walking with his dog Velvet, fishing, working in his atelier.(text Angeliek Ververs)

2013 | The theme of expressing the daily life experiences are expanded and more possitive in his new works. Becoming a father made ​​him both conscience and concerned about the vulnarability of life.

  • In VERVERS gallery:
  • Solotentoonstelling 8-01-2011 t/m 19-02-2011
  • Beaumont, Borkowski, de Jong, Kruger, Oomes 18-06-2011 t/m 16-07-2011
  • AIR8 20 t/m 23 sept. 2012
  • C.A.R. 2012, Contemporary Art Ruhr, Essen (G)
  • ARTS & Vintage I  22-02-2013 t/m 6-03-2013
  • Solotentoonstelling, New works  13-04-2013 t/m 11-05-2013
  • ARTS & Vintage II , groupshow 24-05-2013

Dominik Borkowski

13 april t/m 11 mei 2013

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13 april 2013
17:00-19:00 uur