Jan koster I De Hondsbossche Zeewering
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Jan Koster

In -Dutchscapes- Jan Koster (the Netherlands) photographs the dutch coastline and the landscape around the riverbeds. First he studies topographic maps and satellite photo’s in search for irregularities in the landscapes and therefore the right place to go to. His panoramic photo’s are classic in their composition, the horizon is usually at or slightly above the middle-line, heavenly skies are reflecting over the sea.But by combining all these features, his work is not yet explained; Jan Koster does not show an esthetic or a romantic landscape, he reveals the character of the landscape by its irregularities. Detailed shapes such as a row of wooden posts, waterbreakers or tracks in the sand are sculpturing elements. As he says: -I approach the landscape as if it is a piece of art, like land-art, my photo’s does not show the real truth of the landscape, they are a poetic interpretation of the truth or what is for real-.